Ringstrassen-Galerien is a unique complex, even in downtown Vienna: Two completely different buildings are connected by a glass bridge, and together these house the number one shopping centre in the city.

The internationally renowned architects Wilhelm Holzbauer and Georg Lippert combined the charm of Vienna, contemporary aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology in the main Ringstrassen-Galerien buildings, Palais Corso and Kärntnerringhof, in a fascinating manner.


The Kärntnerringhof proudly stands at the site of the former Steyr-Haus with a floor area of 35,000 square metres. With a total of 16 storeys, the building offers room both for Ringstrassen-Galerien and for spacious offices. Owner of the Kärntnerringhof is the Zürich Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft.

Palais Corso

The façade of Palais Corso, which is protected as a historic monument, reflects the charm of the 19th century and houses a highly modern interior. Modern and traditional architectural elements merge in an astoundingly harmonic way. In addition to its shops and restaurants, the 70,000 square metre Ringstrassen-Galerien complex is also home to the traditional Grand Hotel Vienna as well as offices, luxury apartments and an underground parking garage. Owner of the Palais Corso is the Erste Wiener Hotel AG.